Y v o n n e  F r e i g a n g  M. A.
F i b r e A r t i s t

I've always enjoyed expressing myself through art and have a specialization in Creative Expression as part of my Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology.  Earlier in my life I studied Creative Writing with Visual Arts electives at the University of Victoria, and later took classes in oil painting, collage, and clay before my passion for fibre art ignited. Initially self-taught, I later explored all manner of techniques with books, groups and teachers, as well as in textile art classes at the Victoria College of Art. 


Beyond the visual pleasure of fibre's colour, pattern, variety of textures and dimensionality, I am passionate about the connectivity and feeling of it - that 'being in touch with' quality that is an important part of what keeps us human. From the first blanket that warms and comforts us at birth, to the clothing that hugs us throughout life on a daily basis, fibre touches us. When we say we are 'touched', we mean we are moved, flooded with feeling and connecting to what matters.  Connectivity is its very essence; whether through stitch, weave, or enmeshment of individual fibres, it bridges separation, resulting in transformation and wholeness.


I love the challenge and learning in forming a relationship with each piece. Engaging with the creative process is like developing intimacy, involving deep listening, authentic dialogue, risk-taking and vulnerability.  The surprise of the growth and meaning that unfold keep me interested and feeling alive. 


Most recently, I am excited to combine dyeing, wet felting, nuno felting and hand stitch in sculptures, wall hangings and art wear.  Reflecting the tension of 'separate and connected' or the space between, and the potential for transformation there, is the underlying theme that continues to inspire me. I had a solo show in 2015 and my work has also been part of 31 group shows, including juried shows at Coast Collective Gallery, the Sooke Fine Arts Show 2013, 2015, 2016, the Sidney Fine Art Show 2014, 2015, 2016 and a national juried show of contemporary felt works in 2016.  I am a founder and former member of Gage Artists Collective, which operates Gage Gallery in Victoria, BC.